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  05 July 2005 07:20:19
Posted By : KL Tan
WinTOTO New Release V2.2 FREE Course
Hi members,

Assemblix has again achieved another milestone of making WinToto 2004 to be tremendous user friendly for both the Advance and the beginner.

When we launched the WinToto 2004, Assemblix constantly insearch of finding not only to produce the best in the software but also the best interms of user friendly. We know that out in the market, there are many Toto players who chose to play the easy way out by having to buy only quick pick. Why is it so?

1. They are unaware of 'Wheeling System'. Wheeling is like buying a segement of a cake, most of the time when we buy the whole cake, often than not we do not finished it, as such there is waste of money. However with wheeling in place it will cut down your cost, becasue you are buying according to your need.

2. They find no time to mark the tickets wheel. Not to worry, once you have the numbers wheel regardless of how many ticket you can get print out. (Will show you how in the training)

3. They do not have the information. Yes certainly, inorder for one to make a good decision you need alot of information, WinToto have most of the information. But there is one thing I need to stress is that WinToto 2004 is not a prediction software. Meaning you need to do your homework as well.

4. They find that Toto Game needs and require a lot of budget to play. Good news, the new software has a inbuilt function which allows you to choose the budget to wheel and at the same having a relatively good potential chances of hitting a Jackpot when all conditions meet. We will show you how it works. In fact Assemblix trade mark the wheeling system on the 3 sum point and this technology of developing has cost Assemblix alot of time in research and also alot of money.

Assemblix is constantly looking into all way to ensure that our user play the game the responsible way and at the same time enjoin the game.

We have scheduled 2 free training session showing you our lattest feature and also on how to use them to maximise your chance of winning a Jackpot. The training are open to both our user and also for members who have yet to buy the software. The price of WinToTo 2004 will be adjusted to $148 wef on 15 July 2005.

Lastly I would like to conclude that for anyone to play a game to win, he or she certainly needs a good tools and also the knowledge on how to use. I can assure you Assemblix certainly meets both these 2 requirements.

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