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  06 July 2005 12:11:25
Posted By : KL Tan
TOTO Pooling getting good result.
Just to share with every one here the probability calculation for Singapore 6/45 game.

For every ordinary bet ($0.50), your chances of winning a Group 1 prize is 1/8145060, which is 78,317 years to hit once.

To win a Group 2 prize it would means 1/1163580, which is about 11,188 Years. Base on the above statistic to win a jackpot in one’s life time seems impossible.

If you are playing a system 12 ($462), your chances of winning Group 1 prize will increase to 1 out of 8815 draws. Which is about 85 Years. In short, you need to spend about 8815 x $462 = $4,072,530. Your chances to win a Group 2 prize, will be 1 out of 1259 draws, which is 12 years. In short, you need to spend 1259 x $462 = $581,658. Again, you require a lot of money to realize your jackpot dream.

Let us calculate on the chances with system 15. A full wheel system 15 has 5005 combinations, which cost $2502.50 to play. Your chance of winning a jackpot is 1 in every 1627 draws. This will end up to about 16 years. You will require 1627 x $2502.50 = $4,071,567. Your chances of winning a Group 2 prize is 1 out of 232 draws, which is about 2 years. You will require 232 x $2502.50 = $580,580. Base on the above theory, we are able to achieve winning of Group 1 or Group 2 prize within a shorter time range, however, it involve a huge sum of money.

Bear in mind that the above statistic is based on full system play. I would like to further elaborate that full system wheel is like buying the whole cake, however, all that we need is only a slice of the cake to taste the goodness of the cake.

I will like to emphasize that in all investment, we must have the ability to sustain. This in layman term would means requiring a lot of money. It is natural that one would desire to have the whole winning to him or her own but sad to note that not everyone of us has the affordability and sustainability to do so.

To have the best of both world, pooling is the best solution to it.
Our winning from the pooling is getting better now.

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