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  17 November 2005 07:53:08
Posted By : KL Tan
We almost hit Jackpot Today!
Good news! Today the TOTO winning result proven to everyone that our pooling system will works. It is fantastic feeling that everyone in the pooling get to share the winning prize. The joy and atmosphere of winning are overwhelming. Emails from all directions keeps coming in, with congratulation and warm words of thank you to Assemblix are very encouraging.

The Winning Teams already get back their whole session money, it means a free play for the rest of the next 18 games. It is indeed a very promising future ahead of us to see the winning result almost every draw without fail. You can check this statistic at Performance of Pooling.

With the teams effort, we will certainly have a better chances of winning the Jackpot Prize, not once but many times.

For those who have not join the pooling subscription, you may want to read about it at $3 Pooling Plan
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