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  19 June 2006 02:51:02
Posted By : KL Tan
WinTOTO V2.4 latest release
Great news! WinTOTO version 2.4 is ready. This upgrade is pack with a lot of new features. It will help you to play TOTO the smartest way and save more money from playing unnecessary buying.

Below are the following new features,

  1. New High / Low column on the display format.

  2. New Neighbouring Size / Set column on the display format.

  3. Winning statistic table for Odd/Even,High/Low and Grouping.

  4. Association number statistic.

  5. A new template wheeling system that allow you to design your own wheel pattern.

  6. Full control on number of winning balls to use in analysis.

With this version, a newly integrated DIY wheeler would certainly give you an extra avenue to choose the suitable wheel to wheel your numbers.

If your WinTOTO Annual Software Maintenance Support is still valid, you can download this FREE of charge. If you have not subscribe to our Annual Maintenance Support, you can read more at Forum
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