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  31 August 2007 01:31:00
Posted By : KL Tan
WinTOTO $3 Pooling almost won Group 2
Good news, our WinTOTO $3 pooling is getting better now with almost every draw some winning.

Yesterday, all the members get to share some of the winning from the Group 4 prize of 4+1. That's the beauty of this pooling, eventhough your team did not win any prize, you still get to have a share of the winning.

Lucky for the winning team, they got the larger pie from the winning.

Our TOTO pooling is not a random numbers. We personally select the best combination group from our experience and use our WinTOTO software to wheel with our most comprehensive filtering process to make sure the game are favourable to us.

Our objective of this pooling is very clear, we want to win the GROUP 1 prize. So when this happen, are you with us?

Don't wait! Join us now!

$$$$3 Pooling
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