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  02 December 2007 01:10:00
Posted By : KL Tan
WinTOTO Advance - V2.7 New Release
Hi members,

I am very delighted and excited to announce that we have another achievement of developing the unique and powerful features.

Below are the summary of the features for your perusal.

Sin4D feature

This unique feature allows the user to analyse First Prize 4D numbers only. As the name suggest it is Sin4D which literary mean for Singapore 4D numbers. When I developed this feature I was very amazed on how we could see a very good pattern on how the individual digit is performing. This feature certainly allows us to track the performance of the individual digit for the First Prize 4D. Before going further, I would like to bring to all your attention that this is a new era of analysing 4D numbers meant for First Prize only. It is rather difficult to put all in words over here and I have schedule the training session with all, yes personally sharing with all on the use of this feature. I am sure this is the moment where all of you are waiting for right?

Toto Analysis using Box Method (TM)

This method is founded by Assemblix and cater specially for you. It allows you to extract the important from both the horizontal and vertical directions. Having to developed Toto software all these years, I am yet to come across any software which has this flexibility. The trend in which the Toto numbers is being drawn, one need to have a software which gives you the good variety of feature to choose from. Importantly is the flexibility that gives one the liberty to exercise your choice of action.

Enhance Wizard Pick

I have further enhance on the Wizard features by ensuring it to be more user friendly. My years of experience in both developing the software and Toto analysis, certainly enable me to  developed filters which is more probable and this certainly allows you to cut down your cost  and yet not compromising your chance of winning.

WinTOTO Forecast

I can understand how tedious it will be to gather data from various feature in the software. Especially you have limited time. Bearing the in mind, I have developed this feature whereby the software runs thoroughly on all available data from all the feature to derive the forecasting of numbers. This method of extracting the data  can be very tedious and exhausting to doing manually.

Having  to mentioned so much of the new version of WinToto Software, one may wonder when will I be able to enjoy this upgrade and is this going to be for free?

Yes all the above is free and all you need to do is to click on the link below to download and start to enjoy the greatness of the new features.

You can download it here:

Support Page

There are some important notes:

1. You must have a valid maintenance support. To check your maintenance support please login to License area

2. You need to have V2.6 before you can upgrade this version.

3. Please do not run WinTOTO when upgrading.

4. To check if you have upgraded, click on the About button to see the version.

5. If you find the above upgrading is troublesome, you can get a new installation CD from us at $10 only.(With valid maintenance support) This CD will be compatible with Windows Vista.

We have TOTO course on 5 December and 12 December, you should come and learn to use the WinTOTO effectively.

Register online now at

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