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  08 July 2011 15:51:00
Posted By : KL Tan
WinTOTO Sequence wheel win every draws.
Ever since we started to use the new Sequence wheel to play our Daily TOTO pooling and our special $1.5M toto pooling, we managed to score a very good winning result.

We did not scan the winning tickets in the first two win. Subsequence win, we scan the tickets as below.

The most interesting part is we added a function that randomly position the wheel numbers. This allow us to re-arrange the numbers to be use in the DIY Wheeler. Somehow it surprise us not once but twice with exact placement where the winning numbers are.

Twice, we had close encounter with Group 2 winning. On the 04 July 2011, if the winning number is 10 instead of 11, we will win Group 2 prize on the same wheel.

On the 7 July 2011, if the winning number is 23 instead of 41, we will also win Group2 prize.

This new Sequence wheel that are still under development will be available very soon to existing WinTOTO Advance Users. If your maintenance support is still valid, it will be FREE, so please ensure your maintenance support stay valid.

The existing price of the software is $498 but once our new release is ready, the selling price will be higher. Buy early to enjoy FREE upgrade. Call 93881524 or 92300837 to know more.
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