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  19 July 2012 18:38:00
Posted By : KL Tan
TOTO Winning ticket of $52,952
Received a Group 2 winning ticket from one of our WinTOTO Advance User.

He start using the WinTOTO Advance since the very first version. Since then, he has been winning from the TOTO play frequently. This winning is the reward of all the hard works he has put in. It proves that with the right tools, you can also win.

With the continuous development in this software, more and more advance features are added, he said he is confident that he will show us the Group 1 winning ticket pretty soon.

Yes, you can be assure that we are working very hard to support you and help you to achieve the Group 1 prize winning. This winning ticket will definitely provide us a boost in our development progress.

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