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How to use Span Column Filter

We have made enhancement on the Span column filter in version 2.9 onward. This enhancement can help you to narrow down the number of lines tremedously.

Below is an example of how you can wheel a system 18 numbers.

Now, study the span column by referring to the span analysis statistic.

If you are planing to generate System 6 numbers, you have to turn off the Bonus option. Set the number of draws to 100 will be sufficient.

Study the statistic of the Sp1 to Sp5 column. It represent the column span of the previously winning numbers.

There are many way to analyse this, one example I gave here is using the hit pattern scanner.

You can click on the column Sp1 and follow by the Hit Pattern Scanner Icon.

A dialog will popup requesting for number of hit pattern to scan. Usually we will specify 1 for most cases. This means the program will scan the previous data to find out what span value happen to hit subsequently after the last value, in this case is 9.

Click OK and you will see the statistic of all previous happening.

From this data, we know that previously the span value happen to hit after 9 are 5, 7, or 11. I can control the wheel to falls within this limit as shown below.

Click on the Column Span Filter in the Wheeler window. A dialog will pop up. Edit the value in the cyan color box by double clicking on it. Click OK when finished.

You should be able to see the item on the right side of the list box as shown below.

Follow the same procedures for all the 5 columns and you should have the following items in the list. The arrangement of the list are not important.

Click on the Full Wheel and you shall see that the number of tickets reduced to 120. You can see the Span by turning on the "Display Condition Column".

Please NOTE: do not add 2 similar column span. If condition conflict, unexpected result may happen.

I hope the example above can give you an insight in applying a more creative filter.

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